Google Penguin

Penguin 4 arrival imminent?

Speculation is rife that Penguin 4 will rollout any day now…

Why should you care? Well every indication, including posts from Google themselves is that Penguin 4 will ratchet up backlink testing to another level.
Is my website’s Google ranking at risk?
If you don’t have any backlink issues in your website then you’re likely safe, but frankly most people wouldn’t know. If you have been ‘buying’ links for SEO reinforcement you’re at risk. If people have innocently linked to your site in a manner that Penguin considers to be ‘unnatural’ you may also be at risk.
What is Penguin?
Penguin is Google’s backlink checking system – It sniffs out ‘unnatural’ backlinks and if you have too many, Google will penalise your site as a result. Backlinks are the ‘old-world SEO’ way of convincing Google to rank your site higher in search results. Historical abuse of backlinks led to Google originally introducing their Penguin backlink checking sub-system.
When is Penguin 4 due?
Google have been talking up Penguin 4 since Dec 2015, but its ETA has slipped considerably. Speculation is now mounting about P4’s imminent arrival.
What is different about Penguin 4?
Despite 3 earlier versions, unnatural backlinking has still managed to fly under Penguin’s radar. Google has made a number of improvements in Penguin 4 to analyse backlink legitimacy. Also it will also operate ‘real-time’ rather than running occasionally/intermittently.
What should you be doing?
Assess your site’s current backlink profile for backlink naturalness
Seek to remove or disavow any unnatural backlinks