Why good Web Hosting is critical for your business

Website hosting is the space in the internet where your website exists. Until recently website
hosting was considered a commodity service because it’s cheap and easy to provide. But things
have changed and now the $ you save on cheap hosting could cost you $$$ in sales leads.
That’s why we have introduced a Premium Web Hosting Service for our clients

Business critical

Your website is your virtual showroom.
It’s well accepted that the internet is now a key sales channel for business. When your website is
down, your virtual sales showroom is closed, so there’s no sales leads.
As many businesses have discovered; cheap web hosting can cost your business many times in
lost sales from website down time and poor performance.

Hacker Risk Reduction

Website hacking has dramatically increased and managing your site’s exposure to this online
vandalism is critical. Main-stream hosts have 100’s of websites on the same server, with no
control over site quality. This increases your site’s exposure to hackers who gain entry via a
poorly managed site on the server then compromise yours.
We tightly manage the number and quality of co-located websites, reducing your website’s
exposure to hackers.

Disaster Recovery

In the worst possible scenario we are able to restore your website from a history of backups and
if the entire server fails we can restore to another virtual server within hours – not days.

Performance matters

Slow sites = lost sales
When surfing the ‘net we tend to dismiss slow sites. They are a pain to use and we ‘bounce’ out
of them often missing better products or pricing.
Google doesn’t like slow either
Google recognises this, and now penalises poor performing websites by pushing them down
search results and out of sight of prospective clients.
Modern sites need more grunt
Modern website systems like WordPress are becoming very popular as they are easy to use and
provide a great library of functionality for your site. Unfortunately these systems can be resource hungry and will slow a web server down
particularly if that server is already heavily loaded with multiple websites.
Our servers are based on brand new, high performance, purpose built server systems. We
proactively manage the number and quality of co-located websites and monitor performance to
ensure your website enjoys a genuinely premium web hosting service.
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