WordPress 3.7 Now with auto updates

Wordpress LogoHurrah! After years of preaching the importance of updating WordPress, the latest release 3.7 has built-in background updates.

But I have a bitter sweet concern about these automatic updates after seeing my fair share of ‘manual updates’ go horribly wrong in the past, and on more than one occasion requiring a complete re-install from backups.

Other times a minor glitch can be sorted out at the time of the update, but background updates happen unattended; ‘overnight’

Ignoring the discussion about what overnight might mean here at Zulu +10.5o,  the fact is that there isn’t likely to be someone hovering over the site at the time of update who can leap into the fray to immediately to address any glitches.  

To the WP 3.7  teams’ credit, emails are dispatched when the site is updated…  Imagine the global and feverish checking  of WordPress 3.7.1 (ie after the very first background update) to make sure the site is still functional and looks OK.

My only other concern (its not a gripe… Really!) is that optional configuration of updates requires coding either in WP-CONFIG or a Functions file and isnt (yet) exposed into the Administrative interface. I’m sure just minutes from now, a brilliant WP developer will produce the Background Updates Configuration plugin. I love that!.

Either way I commend the 3.7 team on continuing to press WordPress functionality forward, while our friends with sites using Joomla (either release) agonise over a much more tragic update dilemma.

Update 31 October 2013

3.7.1 has been automatically updated on this and other WordPress sites I manage without any fuss
I do like the email notice letting me know its happened…

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