Google Ads

Google Ads provides a broad variety of online exposure. It is a ‘pay per click’ marketing tool that can dramatically increase the number and quality of online sales leads. Click costs depend on the degree of online competition in your industry. More competition generally means more expensive clicks.

Google Ads is available in a variety of forms including:

Search Ads

This is the most visible form of Google Ads – where text ads are displayed in search results in response to specific Google searches.

Most effective for ‘transactional’ advertising.

PMax Ads

Driven by AI and extending your advertising across multiple channels for maximum reach, this exciting campaign type has a variety of applications. 

Performance Max campaigns tend to be very cost-effective.

Shopping Ads

Products for sale shown in Google Search along with a thumbnail image and the price.

The best-converting product advertising.

Video Ads

Shown in YouTube before or during video plays.

Providing low-cost online exposure, video ads are great for reaching a younger demographic.


Selecting and configuring the right Google Ads campaign type is crucial for aligning your advertising efforts with your business goals.

The first step is to identify your primary objectives, whether it’s driving website traffic, increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, or generating leads.

Google Ads Search

Google Ads will display your ad(s) if it can match your nominated keywords with a Google search.

If the searcher clicks the ad, they are directed to your website.

You only pay Google if your ads are clicked, hence this type of advertising is referred to as ‘Pay Per Click’

Performance Max Ads

Google Ads can also be seen on websites across the internet.  Using demographic, geo-targeting, and Artificial Intelligence, your ads are displayed to people who are likely prospects for your business.

Similar to search ads, you don’t pay unless the person clicks your ad.

Shopping Ads

These ads are visually engaging, featuring an image of the product, along with its title, price, store name, and sometimes additional elements like reviews or promotions.

They appear either at the top of the search results page or in a dedicated shopping tab, making them highly visible to potential buyers.

If clicked, the searcher is taken directly to the product page in the website.

Deploying Google Ads

Creating a Google Ads campaign is a complex task that requires:

  • Understanding your business requirements
  • Defining campaign objectives
  • Develop an online marketing strategy
  • Determine the optimal Google Ads campaign(s)
  • Create the campaign elements (Ads, extenions, imagry etc) 
  • Launch the campaign(s)
  • Monitor & Optimise
  • Report ongoing

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